Fundraising is the biggest part of what we do at the Bowen Alumni Association. Here are some of the things your donations go to.

Old Bowen Arrows damaged

After a pipe burst in the social room on the first floor in Bowen a number of Bowenites and Bowen Arrows were damaged. These are our history at Bowen. Unfortunately we are not able to get the funding to restore these classic Bowen publications. We are looking to have the Bowen Arrows scanned to digital and put on CDs to protect them. Your donation will help to the saving of these irreplaceable classics.

Other causes to donate to

Scholarships - You can donate to a specific scholarship or establish a scholarship with its on criteria. Just tell us where you want your donation to go and we will follow your request.

We also have moneys allocated for:

Library and Library Books

Science Lab Upgrades and Technology

Sports Programs